SCO Family of Services Registered Nurse OPWDD in Queens, New York

PURPOSE OF THE POSITION : Responsible for the overall health care of consumers and supervision of AMAP staff





  • Oversees all medical aspects of consumers life:

    1. Has at least one face: face contact per week with each consumer to ensure physical well being.

    2. Schedules all required medical appointments for each consumer based on his/her individual needs and as per regulatory requirements

    3. Ensures all medical follow up (i.e. appt.’s, labs obtain prescribed medication, etc.) occurs in a timely manner and/or is prescribed by health care provider

  • Ensures that there is always an adequate supply of medication for each consumer
    1. Ensures consumers are receiving prescribed medications, treatments and diets as ordered.
  • Accompanies consumer on all non-routine, pre/post surgical, and emergency psychiatric appointments:
    1. Accompanies consumers of appointments when needed due to staffing needs.
  • Serves as the liaison between the Physicians, (Hospitals, etc.) the consumers and ICF/IRA.

  • Visits all consumers during hospitalizations to ensure healthcare needs are being met (minimum 1 visit every 3 days of hospital care).

  • Advocates for consumers medical/health needs


  • Actively participates as a member of the consumers program planning team.

    1. Ensures that all health/medical related issues are brought to the table.

    2. Participates in program planning/goal development as it relates to individual’s health/medical needs.


  • Maintains all mandated medical records

    1. Nursing notes

    2. Medical visit forms

    3. Discharge summaries

    4. Medication order forms

    5. Dr.’s order/script

  • Completes all medical areas of the consumers CFA (ICF’s only) in a timely manner/participates in ISP process (IRA’s only)

  • Responsible for the oversight of consumers charts including:

    1. MAR/Treatment Records

    2. Medical Books

    3. Formulary

    4. Medication Labels

  • Participates in internal auditing process


  • Inservice staff at scheduled staff trainings, staff meetings and shift meetings on:

    1. General health issues including but not limited to Illness Detection, OSHA/Infection control, First Aid, Diets, Hygiene Issues etc.

    2. Consumer specific needs including what procedures/issues are occurring, the purpose of procedure/treatment, precautions and possible side effects of procedures/treatment, precautions and possible side effects of procedures/treatments.

  • Train staff to perform prescribed treatments including use of AFT’s, toothbrushing, topical medication, nail clipping, etc.


  • Ensures that health and safety procedures are being followed according to State and Federal regulations.

  • Responsible for medication room:

    1. Medical equipment

    2. Medication storage

  • Supervises AMAP’s dispensing medication and treatments and direct care staff in performing personal hygiene procedures with consumers


  • Maintains standard high quality of work.

  • Maintains high standard of productivity.

  • Has overall knowledge of consumer:

    1. Program Plans

    2. Medical Status

    3. Day Program

  • Follows through on issues in a timely manner.

  • Demonstrates good judgement and decision making

  • Is good role model for:

    1. Staff

    2. Consumers

  • Has good attitude and team spirit.

  • Is flexible

  • Takes initiative

  • Has good attendance

  • Responds to supervision


  • Licensed LPN or RN

  • One year experience working with the developmentally disabled preferred

  • Respect for the consumers

  • Valid N.Y.S drivers license


  • Licensed LPN or RN

  • One year experience working with the developmentally disabled preferred

  • Respect for the consumers

  • Valid N.Y.S drivers license


Organization: *SD006

Title: Registered Nurse OPWDD

Location: New York-Queens-Jamaica

Requisition ID: 29928