www.linkedin.com Software Engineer in New York, New York

Linkedin Corporation has the following openings. Design, develop and integrate cutting-edge software technologies. Design and develop advanced infrastructure and tooling using object-oriented methodologies. Implement and execute strategies on CI/Build tools that across all supported platforms and languages to help improve productivity for engineers. Help mobile team to build things like End to End Live Test framework and integrate with LinkedIn internal device lab to validate video playback on real device. Leverage Java and OOP and tools like Espresso and Google native android mobile development toolkit to validating LinkedIn Features on mobile platform and applications. Able to learn LinkedIn internal toolkits up-level with more responsibilities on maintaining, enhancing things in our tool chain.

Employer will accept a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Physics or a related field and 1 year of work experience in the position offered or in a computer-related occupation.