Council on Accreditation Associate Accreditation Coordinator in New York, New York


The Accreditation Programs (AP) Associate Accreditation Coordinator is responsible for supporting the work of the department including but not limited to: facilitating the organizations’ completion of the Intake, Self-Study, post-Site Visit, and Maintenance of Accreditation stages of the accreditation process; developing efficient methods to support functioning of the department; coordinating and supporting smooth workflow; supporting the department’s quality and performance improvement efforts; providing technical, administrative and other support to ensure smooth departmental operations; and working closely and cooperatively with team members to accomplish the work of the department. The AP Associate Accreditation Coordinator self-manages a variety of simultaneous tasks and responsibilities. The AP Associate Accreditation Coordinator is responsible for ensuring exemplary customer service to all internal and external stakeholders and preserving the integrity, credibility, and consistency of the Accreditation Programs departmental operations. The AP Associate Accreditation Coordinator is also responsible for a caseload that is appropriate to his/her skill level and works closely with senior staff to learn this role and grow and develop their skills as the internal customer service representative for organizations pursuing (re)accreditation by serving as the organizations primary point of contact by providing valuable insight, support, and technical assistance throughout the process including intake, self-study, site visit, post site visit, standards interpretations, and maintenance of accreditation.

• Intake - Serve as the department’s lead customer service representative, including but not limited to:
o Scheduling, enrolling, coordinating and serving as the main instructor for the Intake Webinar
o Scheduling Intake Calls in accordance with established timeframes
o Maintaining the Intake Organization Report in salesforce to ensure organizations are proceeding through the process in a timely fashion and proactively contacting organizations to ensure they are meeting the established timeframes for submitting intake materials
o Reviewing the submitted Intake Information to ensure completion/accuracy
o Analyzing the Intake Information
o Assessment and recommending preliminary enhanced curriculum assignments
o Reviewing mandate information to ensure accuracy of service assignments
o Assisting the Accreditation Coordinators by gathering all organizational information needed to prepare them for their Intake Calls

• Self-Study - Assist Accreditation Coordinators in the completion of Self-Study activities, including but not limited to:
o Proactively contacting organizations to ensure they achieve their accreditation milestones
o Monitoring PSS submissions, Stakeholder Survey Responses, N/A (Not Applicable) Reports and Service Assignment Reports and assisting Coordinators with follow up
o Monitor and manage necessary edits Program Data Report for accurate Sites & Program information
o Working collaboratively with COA staff and volunteers to provide pre-Site Visit support
• Post-Site Visit (SV) - Assist Accreditation Coordinators in the completion of post-SV activities, including but not limited to:
o Entering post-SV milestones in accordance with COA’s Policies and Procedures and departmental processes and procedures
o Proactively contacting organizations to ensure they achieve their accreditation milestones
o Performing quality checks at various points in the post-SV process to ensure accurate information is documented and the rating system is adhered to, and follows up with COA staff to correct errors

• Maintenance of Accreditation (MOA) - Assist Accreditation Coordinators in the completion of MOA activities and assist out-of-process organizations with routine requests including, but not limited to:
o Overseeing the timely and accurate completion of MOA Reports, including entering MOA due dates
o Proactively contacting organizations to ensure they achieve their accreditation milestones
o Reviewing/Triaging Self-Reports
o Providing COA approved documentation/verification of accreditation status
o Adding/Deleting programs and sites and/or assisting organizations to do so
o Providing information on preparing for reaccreditation; assisting out-of-process organizations
o Responsible for appropriate follow up on MOAs that have not been received

• Performance & Quality Improvement - Lead/Participate in quality improvement initiatives including, but not limited to:
o Maintaining accurate, up-to-date information in COA’s Accreditation Resource Center (ARC), including contributing to the collection, recording, and integrity of data to ensure accurate reporting and analysis of accreditation processes, dashboard measures, and monthly statistics, and provides reports, as requested
o Proactively identifying and developing efficient methods to support the work of the department and initiating opportunities to improve other COA processes, including using technology to streamline departmental work
o Structuring and maintaining departmental shared drive to ensure all current and archived materials are easily accessible by departmental staff
o Developing and maintaining a departmental Internal Processes and Procedures manual, to ensure continuity of operations and facilitate the onboarding of new staff
o Collecting, aggregating, and maintaining current departmental FAQs
o Communicating all concerns expressed by organizations to the Director of Accreditation Programs

• Technical, Administrative and Other support
o Assisting the Accreditation Coordinators with managing their workload (e.g.: responding to organizations, triaging cases/leads), as requested
o Addressing cases/leads, as assigned
o Planning, implementing, monitoring and documenting short and long-term project work plans, as assigned
o Providing requested documentation from organization and/or third parties
o Attending departmental meetings and providing summaries to document key discussion/decisions
o Participating in meetings and representing the department on various committees and work groups, as assigned
o Other duties, as assigned

• Caseload (Size 10-15) - Serve as an organizations/programs main resource throughout the accreditation process, including but not limited to:
o Facilitating the accreditation process for organizations/programs by providing valuable insight, standards interpretations, and technical assistance
o Assessing an organization’s/program’s administrative operations and services and assign COA’s standards and develop MOUs, as needed
o Establishing the accreditation timetable in accordance with COA’s Policies and Procedures
o Proactively engaging organizations to ensure that they achieve their accreditation milestones
o Reviewing organizational/programmatic policies, procedures, and other documentation to assess implementation of COA standards and assessing the organizations readiness for a COA site visit; identifying potential challenges; and working with organizations/programs to access additional resources, and providing ideas and support on how to demonstrate implementation of the standards
o Other duties, as assigned


• Practices reflect COA’s mission and are responsible, flexible, reliable, and dependable
• Demonstrates a commitment to high quality and responsive service; Proactively identifies opportunities and takes action to improve operations; Offers and accepts constructive feedback; Contributes to the development of new ideas
• Actively engages in problem solving ; Responds to complaints; Seeks resolution of conflicts
• Is organized, efficient, and effective; Sets goals for work tasks; Identifies priority issues; Meets productivity standards
• Works collaboratively with others to encourage and support the accomplishment of goals/tasks
• Provides exemplary customer service to all COA stakeholders; Interactions are timely, responsive, and courteous
• Shows respect for each person’s individuality and preferences, and the cultural/ethnic diversity of COA’s stakeholders
• Demonstrates a commitment to learning and improvement; Pursues activities to enhance personal and professional growth for self and others
• Protects the confidentiality and the information/documentation obtained by nature of our work


• Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree in Communications, Customer Service, Human/Social Services or related field required
• One (1) year of related work experience (e.g.: communications, customer service, data entry, case management, human/social services, etc.) required


• Knowledge of the social service field
• Ability to manage competing priorities, multi-task, and meet deadlines
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Strong analytical, facilitation and teaming skills
• Ability to process information quickly
• Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
• Ability to provide excellent customer service as evidenced in customer satisfaction results
• Excellent oratory abilities/phone skills
• Strong solution oriented problem-solving skills
• Committed to the values of COA’s accreditation process
• Strong organizational and project management skills; detailed oriented
• Computer proficient (MS Office); familiarity with Salesforce preferred
• Knowledge of and experience with COA’s accreditation processes preferred