Research Foundation CUNY Program Officer in New York City, New York

Job Title: Program Officer

PVN ID: VA-1706-001874

Category: Instruction and Social Service


DepartmentEarly College Initiative

StatusFull Time

Annual Salary Range$48,635.00 - $97,270.00

Closing DateAug 19, 2017 (Or Until Filled)

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General Description

The Early College Initiative (ECI) at The City University of New York (CUNY) supports seventeen public schools in New York City that begin in the 6th or 9th grade, serve approximately 575 students each, and blend a rigorous college-prep curriculum with the opportunity to earn up to two years of college credit or associates degree in high school. The main goal of these schools is to provide students with the confidence and skills as well as the academic momentum necessary to earn a high school diploma and a college degree.

The Program Officer will cultivate relationships among the wide array of existing and potential partners associated with the work of ECI. The Program Officer will develop close relationships with the ECI Team, the Affinity Team, the CUNY Research, Evaluation & Program Support team (REPS), school-based educators, college-based staff, the NYC Department of Education (DOE), and other partners of the Early College Initiative. The Program Officer will work directly with the principals and teaching staffs of Early College schools to help them build capacity and support efforts in creating educational opportunities that enable high rates of student access and success in college courses and degree programs.

Other Duties

Policy Development

  • In cooperation with the ECI Team, CUNY Central, and college partners, develop and disseminate academic policies that reflect University rules and guidelines as well as Early College values of educational access, equity and success.

  • Maintain strong working relationships with relevant academic policy offices within NYSED, DOE and CUNY.

  • Provide training and technical assistance to school leadership, the ECI Team, and Affinity Team with knowledge development around Federal, NYSED, DOE, and CUNY policy, data, research and accountability measures.

  • Support development of school-based academic policies that fully align with DOE, CUNY and ECI program goals.

Research & Data

  • In cooperation with the ECI Team, coordinate a research agenda with REPS to define research priorities and co-develop an annual REPS scope of work.

  • Coordinate regular data collection with REPS, DOE Field Support Center, Early College Liaisons, and school-based staff and disseminate resulting reports.

  • Develop ECI data “dashboards” that communicate to a variety of audiences and partners.

  • Co-manage ECI website content development and collaborate with ECI Team members on communications through social media platforms.

  • Assist in a research agenda with REPS that focuses on the long-term impact of an Early College education on students in the two main school models (Early College and Early College & Career).

  • Explore a research agenda with program leadership and REPS focused on the cost effectiveness of an Early College education.

  • Create practical tools and resources for school-college partners to improve program implementation as well as student self-advocacy and college readiness.

Funding & Advocacy

  • In cooperation with the College Budget Program Coordinator and ECI Director, manage the annual tax-levy budget proposal and approval process and develop internal accountability metrics that inform funding decisions

  • Assist in the development and execution of ECI’s fundraising strategies, including grant proposal development.

  • Liaise with CUNY Central, DOE Central, DOE Field Support Center, and NYS Education Department in order to provide support and advocacy for schools in areas of policy and funding.

  • Coordinate an advocacy agenda with the College in High School Alliance and relevant CUNY programs and offices with the purpose of creating a more favorable policy and funding environment for Early College programmatic work and Early College graduates.

  • Create and leverage opportunities to build brand awareness, internally and externally, to further ECI’s scope, mission and impact.

  • Serve as a resource on issues related to the Early College model as well as issue related to college access and success, representing CUNY ECI externally at conferences, collaborating on white papers, and facilitating network gatherings.

Strategic Planning

  • In cooperation with the ECI Team, Affinity Team and REPS, lead efforts in the development of goals and benchmarks for ECI and network schools, based on historical data and national evidence, to better assess the program quality and progress toward closing achievement gaps of groups historically underrepresented in higher education.

  • Identify and address programmatic gaps by utilizing existing CUNY programs and resources as well as developing new programmatic initiatives in conjunction with school and college partners

  • Assist schools with strategic planning and alignment of scope and sequence with ECI program goals, college degree requirements, and industry demands.

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for Early College Liaisons in order to improve their ability to creatively solve challenges and communicate among school-college partners with the goal of improving student access and success.

  • Provide guidance and project management support to school planning teams and school steering committees for new Early College program pilots.


Core Competencies/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree in a relevant field of study preferred;

  • A minimum of four years of related experience in education organizations;

  • Experience working with educators and professionals from a range of different industries;

  • Strong data analysis as well as research and evaluation skills;

  • Strong project management skills, ability to juggle multiple projects and adapt to changing circumstances;

  • Experience with network development and building relationships with partners;

  • A commitment to enabling high school students to succeed in college-level courses and be prepared for the world of work;

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;

  • Excellent computer skills.

How to Apply:

If interested in the ECI Program Officer role, please send a resume and brief cover letter outlining your experience and interest in this position with CUNY ECI.