The Jewish Board Registered Nurse in brooklyn, New York

OVERVIEW: As a member of the ACT team, the RN is responsible for providing a range of treatment, rehabilitation and support services within the scope of the nursing practice for the clients receiving services from ACT. S/he is responsible for conducting initial assessments; assessing physical health needs; making appropriate referrals to community physicians as needed, and providing management and administration of medication in conjunction with the prescriptions/orders of psychiatrist and PNP. The RN generally reports to the Clinical Director, however, in all matters of medication s/he is supervised by the psychiatrist and, again, administers medication in line with the psychiatrist’s and/or PNP’s orders.

RESPONSIBILITIES include but not limited to:
* Carry a caseload and complete initial assessment visits in the community and/or shelter.
* Conduct weekly visits thereafter for clients currently resi ding in homeless shelters and assigned to the ACT program.
* Complete all required documentation in a timely manner consistent with JB policy and procedure and OMH.
* Attend daily team meetings and weekly one-on-one supervision.
* Attend mandatory ACT trainings and Jewish Board MKSEI 13 Module course training.
* When needed/requested, lead team training on topics that are relevant to the client population being served and topics that will improve service to participants.
* Develop a treatment care plan based on clients’ needs. Ensure that any necessary follow-up will occur and any necessary or prescribed care is administered.
* In line with doctor’s orders, administer prescribed and/or routine medical treatments and evaluate for potential side effects or adverse reactions. Ensure that all internal policies regarding such administration are adhered to.
* Make referrals and schedule appointments and ac company the client when required.
* Facilitate groups as needed addressing topics such as Wellness Self-Management, Relapse Prevention, Integrated Tx for Substance Abuse, Medication Management, etc…
* Function as a liaison between external medical health care providers, shelters, other community organizations and the ACT team with regards to the client’s medical needs.
* Responsible for health education and communicating information regarding good health practices to the clients under RN's care.
* Respond to medical emergencies of ACT clients immediately. Perform triage necessary to stabilize the client and provide access to all necessary medical treatment. Follow up to ensure complete recovery.
* Perform all necessary charting and other documentation as required by internal practice and external regulatory bodies.
* Monitor lab results for any indications of change; communicate such cha nge(s) to the psychiatrist and PNP.
* Provide advocacy for hospitalized clients.
* Provide after-hours emergency coverage via cell phone on rotating basis.

RN or BA in nursing and New York State registration is required. Experience in a residential setting or in the mental health field strongly preferred.