Randall Pharmacy Inc. dba Randall Pharmacy System Management Analyst - Ecommerce in Bronx, New York

System Management Analyst - Ecommerce, Pharmaceuticals

System analysis, development and implementation to promote pharmaceutical sales using E commerce technology, SEM, ascertain system requirements to promote revenue, applications development of billings, accounting, purchasing, budget, sales and financial statement using techniques of structured analysis, data modeling, sampling and cost accounting., design and implement "HIPPA" complaint reports and HITECH requirements to ensure security mechanisms & confidentiality of patient's information and data integrity. Need Bachelor in Computer Science, IT/related + 2 yrs exp, quantitative knowledge in Accounting., Statistics, Numerical Methods, Marketing, IT, Internet App & E commerce skills dealing with pharmaceutical sales & services.

Mail resume to Randal Pharmacy, 1753 Randall Ave. Bronx, NY 10473.