Children's Rescue Fund Director/Teacher of Child Care and Recreation Programs in Bronx, New York


The Director/Teacher of Child Care and Recreation Programs is responsible for the overall effective and efficient operation of both the Child Care and Recreation Programs. This said person is obligated to recruit, hire, supervise, train and evaluate each staff member per department. He/She will design, implement and monitor curriculum planning and teaching practices as they relate to the age group of the children being served.


The Director/Teacher of ChildCare and Recreation Program will serve as a liaison between ChildCare/Recreation and the various departments within our organization; as well as those of City/State Programs, professional associations and regulatory agencies. As a liaison, this individual will be required to use sound management skills to provide optimum care foreach child enrolled in either the Recreation or Child Care Programs available within CRF/Icahn House.


I. Daily
  1. Responsible for the supervision and functioning of all center personnel.

  2. Responsible for daily administrative needs of thecenter.

  3. Responsible for all programmatic phases of the center’sactivities.

  4. Responsible for operating the Child Care and Recreation Programs within all licensing standards.

II. Periodic:

  1. Responsible for maintaining children’s waitlist and enrollment.

  2. Responsible for attending administrative staff meetings, initiating and holding center staff meetings as well as parent meetings.

  3. Responsible for monthly program reports, maintaining accurate records on staff and children’s attendance.

  4. Responsible for maintaining Child Care and Recreation Programs licensing standards and records.

  5. Responsible for all purchases made on center level.

  6. Utilizing the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) - Client Assistance and Re-housing Enterprise System (CARES) complete incident reports as needed.

    III. Occasional:

  7. Responsible for dissemination of policies, procedures and information to parents.

  8. Responsible for arbitrating differences between centerpersonnel.

  9. Responsible for identifying strategies to improve the effectiveness of programs and policies for young children and families.

  10. Provide Childcare when necessary to enable a parent of child to seek employment permanent housing and/or to attend school or training.


  1. Must obtain Department of Health Food Handler’s Certification within four (4) months of being employed.

  2. Must be available to rotate shifts and classroom assignmentas needs of the business require.


Ø Baccalaureate degree in early childhood education or related field of study.

Ø Stated Education Department teacher certification in early childhood education.

Ø Must be familiar with the New York City HealthCode Article 47- Child Care Services.

Ø Management experience, and a minimum of two (2)years’ experience supervising in an acceptable child care environment.

Ø CPR / First Aid certified.